How to get Domain name on Name cheap

How to get Domain name on Name cheap

In this post we’re going to know how you get your domain name and what is the importance of getting a right domain for your company, and some suggestions in selecting the domain,

What is a domain and why you need it?

A Domain is a name that your company uses (Ex:, which your users are directed. you know that internet works on IP address, every computer on internet have its own IP address and connects together that we call as internet, by now you understand why you need a domain name.

Here’s an example, if someone wants to visit your website they need to use (Ex: which is hard to remember for your users, instead of this we use our domain name, we point our IP address to your domain name so that users can be redirected to that IP address and users can easily connect and communicate with your website.

Now you know the importance and requirement for your domain name.

There are a ton of website services available to register your Domain name online ( Ex: Name Cheap, GoDaddy, Google Domains etc… ). but I prefer Name Cheap domain service as the best option for your website, as I have gone through a lot of domain name service providers I found that Name cheap gives you the cheapest possible price for your domain and also other services as well, and also you’ll get best renewal price every year.

other service providers renewal price is very high compared to the Name cheap, some service providers offer domain name for less price or even free in the beginning but after when you go for renewal they’ll charge you with some hefty amount. So you do some research before going to take any other service.

Although you cannot get all the domain names you want, some domain names are already registered, you have to search for the domain name in Name cheap or any domain name registrars. where it’ll show the availability of that domain name, the most popular keywords you use the more money you need to spend on your domain name.

For example a domain name has sold for $345 million.

Here I’m showing an example using Name cheap domain service, you can also use other domain name services of your choice if you want.

Search for on your browser

Name Cheap - ApkiBlog

Signup for Name cheap account to proceed with your domain name to get your domain name registered, you can also check whether your preferred domain is available or not on Name cheap without signing in.

Domain Search - ApkiBlog

Below you can find a search bar, enter the domain name which you’re looking for, and select the domain name that you need.

Domain Search - ApkiBlog

In some cases, your desired domain name may be unavailable as another user may have registered the domain name previously in that cases you can bid for the domain name you want, but it is not sure that you can get that domain name as it’s all depends on the owner of that domain name, in this case you have to search for an alternate domain name to proceed.Bid for Domain - ApkiBlog

Now if your domain name is available and you can proceed with the checkout process, here you need to enter personal details, and one thing you need to remember is that Name cheap only accepts credit card as its payment option, so make sure you have a credit card handy for you to proceed and registering your domain. You also get WhoisGuard subscription for free forever, which is available only with few domain name service providers.

Name Cheap Checkout - ApkiBlog

After your purchase you’ll get a confirmation mail for the same and you can see your domain name in domain list section on your Name cheap account.

Domain List in Name Cheap - ApkiBlog

Now successfully you have created your first domain name, now it’s time to proceed for hosting which will be covered soon in our website.

Note :

  1. While picking your domain name always try to use cache words, so that users can easily remember your company.
  2. Using .com as your TLD is preferred as it is most popular and in use by many websites.
  3. Use Honey chrome extension that applies the best coupons to get your domain name even more cheaper.

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